6 Barcelona 3d school Master's Degree in Architecture Visualization with 3DS Max and V-Ray
Barcelona 3d school A project completed by a student of Fx Animation

START DATE: March 2021

Spanish or English

PERIOD: Virtual attendance class for 9 months (2 hours a day)

Objective: The student will master not only using programmes (3DStudio Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack and Rail Clone) but also techniques and methods of photorealistic renders and virtual reality construction (Unreal Engine). The student will be able to tackle any preview project, no matter how complex it may be, and will achieve high quality professional results.

Moreover, the student will learn how to import FBX objects from 3DS Max to Unreal, the editor of engine materials, nodes and textures. They will work with illumination tools in Unreal Engine to create photorealistic environments, use Blueprints to develop interactivity, post-processing and dynamic effects, as well as landscape elements that facilitate the generation of natural environments with vegetation, water, etc. The student will also learn how to add ambient sounds to make the interactive presentations more immersive.

Every student will finish their training with a personal project of renders and VR that will be done once the Master has been finalised and which will be mentored by the professors and expert VR programmers of the school, resulting in a professional portfolio for the student.

Aimed at: architects, engineers and interior designers, as well as any other professional interested in the preview of architectural spaces, models, stands and three-dimensional prototypes for subsequent sale or to evaluate their impact, finish or lighting.

Requirements: Knowledge of CAD and Photoshop. Training in architecture, interior design or related training. 3D experience is valued.
Software: 3ds Max, V-Ray, Forest Pack, Rail Clone and VR.

Material included: educational licenses

Autodesk and Chaos Group Certified Teachers

Official School of 3DSMax, V-Ray, Forest Pack and Rail Clone


  • Educational licenses (3DS Max, V-Ray, Unreal).
  • Exam for official certification for V-Ray by Chaos Group.
  • Seminar by Corona Render.
  • Final project with mentor.
  • International job database.
  • Lifetime post-course support.
  • Private Diplona Certified by FX ANIMATION

FX ANIMATION guarantees continued learning by means of unlimited technical guidance, to students once they have passed the Program.


Architectural Visualization Demo Reel 2018 from FX ANIMATION on Vimeo.

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